Event Update: May 2022

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Good afternoon Kingy triathletes, 

Unfortunately I need to report bad news for this weekend’s Kingy Tri.

Following yesterday’s update we’ve had a further rainfall exceeding 130mm (far above forecasts), and the locality is utterly water logged.

The rain event has caused some flooding in the transition parkland, polluted Cudgen Creek and now floated the cold-mix bitumen out of the recently repaired potholes.

We conducted a Safety Committee meeting last night and stakeholders who attended were keen to proceed if we could resolve with Council options to repair the roads. However, with the continuing heavy rain forecast until Friday these repairs cannot be conducted and the Creek has since turned muddy.

Furthermore we cannot bring trucks with our infrastructure onto the grass parklands at present and our transition build was due to start late today.

A huge thank you for your entry and support, and to our officials and volunteers who were all ready to go this weekend. 

My crew is distraught that yet another of our events is upset either by weather, COVID or border closures. We were pumped to have over 1,000 people on the start list for this event, and to those of you who have stuck by us through these upsets – thank you. We have now written off almost the entire season. Bring on a sunny Summer 2022/2023… please!

Again, this is a very disappointing outcome for all – especially with a sunny day expected for Sunday. 

Thanks for working with us and we look forward to racing with you again soon. 

Yours in multisport, 

Mike Crawley, Race Director

P.S. We’ve included some photos below from our onsite inspection this morning…